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Brussels Sprout DNA new weapon in fight against cancer

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sproutsSPROUTS, sprouts, they're good for the heart, Sprouts. Sprouts they make you... well, better equipped to fight cancer as it turns out.

The humble and much maligned Christmas brassica, consigned these days to a once-a-year appearance at the dinner table, may even be on the cusp of a come-back after it was discovered  sprouts contain a substance which appears to stop the growth of pre-cancerous cells.

Among the impressive quantities of Vitamins C and A, folic acid and dietary fibre already boasted by the sprout is a glucosinate called Sinigrin.

In lab tests Sinigrin has been seen to inhibit pre-cancerous cell growth.

More amazingly single strands of sprout DNA (known singly as RNA) survive the digestive process  and are believed to modify human DNA. In tests on mice the action significantly reduced cholesterol.

However, scientists recommend serving the vegetable al dente to have any effect.

See's favourite Christmas sprout recipe here:

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