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Apple to move into the world's classrooms with revolutionary new technology

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steve-jobsAPPLE'S apparent bid for world domination is expected to take another step forward this week with the announcement of an intention to revolutionise schools.

The US tech giant is set to release software which will simplify the creation of textbooks for the iPad and iPhone.

The firm's two key gadgets could then become a fixture of schoolrooms worldwide – a colossal market.

According to reports Apple has scheduled the launch for this Thursday in New York

Rather than become a textbook publisher, Apple will announce software for creating ebooks that is similar to its GarageBand music software.   Textbooks were a field that Steve Jobs wanted his company to change, prior to his death.

Walter Isaacson, in his official biography of Jobs, wrote: "His idea was to hire great textbook writers to create digital versions, and make them a feature of the iPad."   The Ars Technica website writes that Jobs had been closely involved with the textbook project and says it has sources who say he had been working on it for several years.

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