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$35 (£22) computers go on sale (and there's a cheaper one on the way!)

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raspberry-piA COMPUTER costing just $35 (£22) has gone on sale – triggering such a massive demand that its websites crashed.

A WEBSITE selling a dirt cheap crashed just after it went on sale.

The dirt-cheap Raspberry Pi is a mini-computer aimed at interesting kids in writing computer code.

It has been designed and built entirely by volunteers on a non-profit basis.

It consists of a super-basic circuit board with no exterior housing but once connected to a monitor, mouse and keyboard, works as a conventional computer.

The operating system includes a version of entry-level computer language program “Scratch”, which was originally devised at the world renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

All proceeds from the project are going to charity as the circuitboard was created by volunteers headed by computer technician Eben Upton.

Mr Upton said: “We didn't realise how successful this was going to be but this (the demand) means we can scale to volume. Now we can concentrate on teaching people to programme.

“The £22 model on sale today [Wednesday] is actually the pricier version of Raspberry Pi - a stripped-down £16 model will go on sale later this year.”  

The circuitboard can be plugged into older analogue television sets as well as digital counterparts and it harnesses power from mobile phone chargers.

Once the setup is complete users can boot up the open-source Linux operating system included on the inserted SD card. The Pi also contains an Ethernet port, allowing it to connect to the internet.

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