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New Google tool reads photos and discovers location – and new Instant Pages speed up loading by five seconds

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google-logoAN AMAZING new Google tool will allow users to upload old vacation photographs and discover exactly where they were taken.


The new image search function will use Google's massive databases to match the picture with its own snap and provide the information.

And, in a second announcement from the search giants, a tool called Google Instant Pages will massively speed up web page loading time by pre-empting what the user will pick from Google search results and starting to load the page’s data, ahead of the user actually clicking on the link.

Google fellow Amit Singhal, said Google Instant Pages would save users on average between three to five seconds and added: “Instant Pages is the next big leap for Google.

“It will break down big barriers in users’ quests for information. At the end of the day our job is to get the information and knowledge people need in a blink of an eye.”

Instant Pages will roll out this week in beta but is only available to those using Google Chrome.

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