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US soldier makes real-life Call of Duty video of Afghan fire-fight

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call-of-duty-helmet-camTO the untrained eye this footage could look like out-takes from Call of Duty: Black Ops – but this is a real US soldier playing for keeps, in a fire-fight with the Taliban.

Snoopy is dead - Peanuts fans distraught

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dead-snoopyCHARLIE Brown's faithful and iconic hound Snoopy has died.

'The savings of millions of people are going to vanish unless they act now' warns City trader

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Alessio-RastaniCITY trader Alessio Rastani has become an internet sensation after claiming the savings of millions of ordinary people are about to disappear, and neither governments nor banks can stop it.

Video: Car rips pubic hair from woman, leaving her with brazilian

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extreme-beaverTHESE scantily clad giggling women have sparked a new online craze – extreme beaver waxing.

Newspaper magnate punches fellow billionaire on live TV

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lebdevRUSSIAN businessman Alexander Lebedev, the financial backer of UN newspapers including The Independent, it's bargain-bin spin-off 'I' and the London Evening Standard punched a notorious fellow tycoon in the face during a televised talk show.

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