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How can Karen Alloy's vlog be so creepy and so dull at the same time?

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karen-AlloyWEB self publicist Karen Alloy has sent shivers up the spines of all right-thinking people with a video of her opening a present sent by a stalker fan.

Real-life 'Deliverance' duelling banjo boy is discovered

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banjoIT would be slightly unkind, but with his gawky looks, skinny frame and over-sized banjo, Jonny Mizzone could easily be mistaken for an extra from cult movie of the American Deep South Deliverance.

Hate mail for beagle puppy prankster

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beagleYOUTUBE prankster Tony Pearson angered so many animal lovers who viewed his shocking puppy video he was inundated with hatemail.

Video: How did he survive this? Teenager jumps from speeding car on motorway

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car-jumpA TEENAGER leapt from the window of a moving car on a busy three lane highway – and miraculously lived to tell the tale.

Video: The vicious road rage punch-up caught on camera

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youtube-punch-upA LAWYER riding his bicycle was viciously punched to ground in a road rage incident – which was captured on video by another cyclist.

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