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Video: Man eats the still beating heart of a cobra

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cobra-heartMALE virility is supposed to be enhanced by the eating of the still-beating heart of a cobra.

Having a bad day? Watch this video and you'll realise it doesn't matter one jot

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planet-earthTHIS stunning animated video has stopped more than 8 million people in their tracks.

Hugh Grant on how he exposed the News of the World hacking

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Hugh-GrantACTOR Hugh Grant, who ran a one-man campaign to expose the News of the World phone hacking, has told the BBC how he used tabloid tricks to turn the tables on the newspaper.

Warning: Don't try this in your local department store (… oh go on then!)

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escalator-girlA TEXAN girl has sparked a new 'escalator planking' craze after posting a video of herself gyrating at the top of a stairwell.

Automatic Marriage vending machine spits out wedding certificates for £1 ($1)

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autowedKATE Moss's wedding cost £500,000 ($800,000), Prince William and Kate Middelton's wedding cost £5 million ($8 million) and Prince Albert II of Monaco's cost around £6 million ($9.6 million).

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