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Party girls in crotch-skimmer skirts and high heels get drunk and fall down escalators

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drunk-escalator-girlBEAUTIFUL women, in short skirts and high heels are the rather unfortunate subject of a new real-life safety video warning that babes, booze and, er, moving escalators don't mix!

Meet Renee Toney - the world's biggest female bodybuilder whose biceps are bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger when he won the Mr Olympia

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Renee-ToneyGET a load of the biggest biceps ever flexed by a female bodybuilder – the massively muscular arms of muscle-woman Renee Toney.

Video: Ultimate workout fan's terrifying pull-ups, hanging from 600 foot crane

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pull-up-guyEXTREME exercise routines rarely live up to the name, but doing pull-ups from a crane 70 storeys up may just qualify as the ultimate workout.

Is this the most terrifying tourist attraction in the world? (Walking a 12” wide, two mile long, ramshackle plank, nailed to an 800ft cliff face... we'd say so)

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plank-walkCONSTRUCTION workers at the Shifou Mountain plank walk seem oblivious to the fact they are 800ft in the air with just a few ramshackle planks between them and certain death.

Massive biceps of female bodybuilder Donna Bramble now even bigger

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Donna-BrambleBODYBUILDER Donna Bramble became an instant female bodybuilding legend when she hit the stage in New York in 1996.

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