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Weird online optical illusion that works!

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optical-illusion-bikini-babTHIS online illusion uses a well-established magician's favourite called persistence of vison – but adds a great online twist.

Woman has orgasm on rollercoaster - video

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orgasm-on-rollercoasterA THRILL-seeking woman looking for the ultimate theme park buzz has been captured on video having an orgasm on a rollercoaster.

Slutty McButtsex becomes YouTube superstar

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Oslutty-mc-butt-sexkay, it's not so new, but Your Favorite Martian track Grandma Got A Facebook is still pretty funny!

Video: Japanese flash mob terrorise unsuspecting members of the public

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Japanese-flashmob-terroriseWHEN it comes to shock TV you really have to hand it to Japan's prank show execs.

See what happens when a man leaping from a 100ft cliff hits the water at 54mph

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 man-jumps-from-100ft-cliffTHIS is the video flagged as THE BIGGEST CLIFF JUMP ON YOUTUBE – and, as the jumper drops 100feet, hitting the water at 54 mph, few would disagree.

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