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Slutty McButtsex becomes YouTube superstar

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Oslutty-mc-butt-sexkay, it's not so new, but Your Favorite Martian track Grandma Got A Facebook is still pretty funny!


Your Favorite Martian is a semi-fake cartoon band devised by Ray William Johnson, who also has a YouTube show called Equals Three.

The song, and brilliant accompanying animation, tells of the horrors of the singer's grandma getting her boobs out on Facebook and hitting on his friends.

Ray said: “We're a fake cartoon band who writes comedy songs.

“We're 100% super-duper serious about the subject matter of our songs. Yes, our balls really are the size of the earth's moon. Yes, we really do drink the tears of baby orphans. Yes, we really have sexual relations with zombies.”

Hmmmmm, take a look and if you like it click around Ray's site here:

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