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Video: Outrage as baby is attacked by cobra for adults' amusement

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THIS video of a two-year-old baby being attacked by a seething cobra snake while her parents laugh in the background will shock parents to the core.babysnake


The toddler was deliberately placed at the mercy of the six foot snake apparently for 'fun' and the whole thing was captured on video.

The cobra has been 'de-fanged' but even a doctored snake is capable of inflicting a serious injury or even killing. At the end of the clip the tail wraps around the baby's throat.”

The video has sparked outrage with comments including:

“The people who did this to their baby are idiotic morons” and “Those responsible should have their teeth pulled and then have venomous baby snakes have their way with them.”

A spokesman for said: “The Cobra is the largest, most venomous snake in the world as well as the deadliest in terms of human deaths caused by snakes.

“They kill their prey by injecting their neurotoxic poison into the prey through their fangs. The neurotoxin of a cobrasnake destroys the communication between nerve cells. When this communication is destroyed the victim's muscles cannot be used in any kind of defence.

“Not all cobra bites are venomous - some bites are so called dry bites which may cause serious infections due to bacteria from the cobra's mouth.

“It is estimated that approximately 75 percent of people receiving a bite from a cobra snake will eventually die from the medical complications arising from the bite.

“A real, not dry, bite from a cobra snake will in the most severe cases cause death within 10 minutes.”

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