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Is this the most terrifying tourist attraction in the world? (Walking a 12” wide, two mile long, ramshackle plank, nailed to an 800ft cliff face... we'd say so)

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plank-walkCONSTRUCTION workers at the Shifou Mountain plank walk seem oblivious to the fact they are 800ft in the air with just a few ramshackle planks between them and certain death.


But Chinese tourist chiefs hope visitors will share the same utter fearlessness and clamour for the chance to walk China's latest tourist attraction in the Hunan Province.

So-called Plank Walks – ramshackle walkways nailed to the sides of cliffs and mountains - are increasingly popular in China.

Entrepreneurs have seen there is cash in the seemingly suicidal 'extreme tourism' – and there are almost no health and safety laws to trouble them.

When complete the Shifou Mountain walks will be the world's longest – but fans claim the Huashan Mountain plank walk is the world's most terrifying. There the wooden boards are less then 12” in places.

A worker on the Shifou Walk Yu Ji said: “ You just wear the ropes, and then everything is okay.”

But not everyone agrees.

Plank Walker Beijing Mike Said: “Huashan is billed as an insanely dangerous plank walk. There was one section where if the wood could talk, it would be crying out for a preemptive replacement but keeping the old planks intact after a few seasons of sun, snow and rain does give this place a heightened since of danger.”

Watch his incredible video below


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