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Video: Man eats the still beating heart of a cobra

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cobra-heartMALE virility is supposed to be enhanced by the eating of the still-beating heart of a cobra.


And the barbaric practice is still common on the streets of Hanoi, in Vietnam.

Locals (and more often male travellers keen to show their virility) select a snake, then a skilled handler slits it open near its head, drains the blood into a vessel, removes the heart and gall bladder and places the still-beating organ in a glass.

The glass is then topped-up with a mix of snake blood and sake rice wine and downed by the guest

The rest of the meat is then cooked up for guest's dinner.

James Dylan, a US serviceman who has travelled extensively in Asia, tried the cobra heart and made a video.

He said: “The point of this video is to see how many people complain about me killing a snake to eat, yet they themselves eat meat, regardless of where it came from.

“You think slaughterhouses are any better? Chickens, pigs, cattle....any living creature suffers when it is killed for food. This time you just get to see it happen.”

Watch the grotesque video here...

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