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How can Karen Alloy's vlog be so creepy and so dull at the same time?

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karen-AlloyWEB self publicist Karen Alloy has sent shivers up the spines of all right-thinking people with a video of her opening a present sent by a stalker fan.


Alloy is self-styled web comedian, who's YouTube channel is reported on Wikipedia to be among the Top 50.

This is slightly mystifying as it contains little more than the inane ramblings of a slightly dull high school student, amateruishly and annoyingly edited to look, ahem, edgy.

Still, Ms Alloy is smart enough to keep her not inconsiderable cleavage centre-frame at all times.

She writes on her Twitter profile: “I like to make love to the world. And I tweet a lot. You have been warned!”

Erm yeah.

So, this video...

Ms Alloy, who in 2009 presented a live text chat during the birth of her daughter Lulu, films herself delightedly opening a huge box stuffed with goodies from a 'fan'.

One of the presents is a cellphone with the fan's number pre-programmed into it.

As Skillz506 commented: "There's a line between being cute and being creepy."

See just how far it can be crossed here...

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