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Is this the world's most sexist cat? (Or just the most pi**ed off!?)

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very-pissed-off-catIF CRABBY kitty Morgan was human she would be a full-on ball-busting, ass-kicking, man-hater.


Because the all-white, 2-year-old house pet is male-phobic and goes crazy whenever a man enters her California home.

Now Morgan has become an unlikely YouTube superstar with her back-arching, mega-hissing freak-outs having been viewed by more than 50 million people.

She shares a YouTube channel with owner 'babylonisfalling' who specialises in conspiracy theory videos.

But while his uploads garner respectable six-figure views Morgan's clicks run into the tens of millions.

Her antics are so extreme and distressing that many viewers leave comments claiming she must have been abused.

But her owner says: “This Cat has never been abused. Her problem is that she doesn't like men and shows compelling aggression.

“I found it to be interesting so I thought I'd share.”

Click play below to see Morgan's flip-out and decide for yourself.

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