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'The savings of millions of people are going to vanish unless they act now' warns City trader

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Alessio-RastaniCITY trader Alessio Rastani has become an internet sensation after claiming the savings of millions of ordinary people are about to disappear, and neither governments nor banks can stop it.


With shocking candour Mr Rastani told the BBC "Governments don't rule the world Goldman Sachs rules the world and Goldman Sachs does not care about the rescue package." and added that traders had been dreaming of the impending recession for three years as another chance to make money from other people's misery.

Indeed the interview is so shocking it has led many, including the Huffington Post,  to claim Mr Rastani maybe a hoaxer - although a new piece in the Daily Telegraph seems to refute this.

The self-styled City trader who stripped away the jargon and bluster of the financial world and summed up our woes in just three minutes. "I go to bed every night dreaming of another recession. It's an opportunity."

The BBC has faced questions about just how qualified Mr Rastani is to speak about the markets.

In the interview Mr Rastani described himself as an independent trader.

Elsewhere he claims he's an "investment speaker". Instead of operating from a plush office in Canary Wharf Mr Rastani works and lives with his partner Anita Eader in a £200,000 semi in Bexleyheath, south London.

However, while his credentials are being debated by journalists, the veracity of what he actually said will continue to resonate with the man or woman in the street whose life savings look more threatened by the day.

Watch the video below...

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