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US soldier makes real-life Call of Duty video of Afghan fire-fight

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call-of-duty-helmet-camTO the untrained eye this footage could look like out-takes from Call of Duty: Black Ops – but this is a real US soldier playing for keeps, in a fire-fight with the Taliban.


The infantryman, who uses the moniker MrTouavaj, is a US solider fighting in Afghanistan and he used a helmet-mounted camera while under fire during to create this real-life Call of Duty video.

The result is a 'sniper's-eye-view' of a soldier's life in Afghanistan, and startlingly similar to the player's view in Call of Duty.

In one surreal shot Mr Touavaj stops firing on a Taliban target and lowers his automatic weapon to allow an elderly Afghan man to pedal past on his bicycle.

Once the cyclist is clear he re-engages in the firefight.

The video was released on YouTube and Mr Touavaj says in his description: “The following montage is a quick glimpse into some of the experiences I've had in Afghanistan.   “Also, we don't kill civilians. if you didn't notice, I waited for the man on the bike to get around before I shot, even though my friends were pinned down. We take the safety of the people into great consideration.”

The background music is Creedence Clearwater Revival's song Fortunate Son, which he descrbes as 'ironic'.

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