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Cellphone video of a father's frenzied shooting of his son's killer – justice Afghanistan style

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afghan-shooterA MAN ordered to shoot his son's killer to death by an Afghan kangaroo court was captured on a cellphone video camera.

The dead man, called Nawroz, killed the husband of his lover in a fit of jealousy and was sentenced to death at the hands of his victim's family.

Local mullahs in Kand, north of Kandahar in southern Afghanistan, dispensed with any pretence at a trial and ordered the execution.

In the video crowds of locals gather around while the victim kneels and prays.

A hesitant gunman seems initially reluctant to raise the weapon but a militia man barks at him to 'hold the gun right'.

But he then launches into a frenzy of shooting – firing 12 bullets into Nawroz' body.

Another militia man calls out 'stop shooting, you donkey,' and the body is left slumped on the ground and covered in blood as people swarm around to check he is dead.

A witness told CNN that there had been a religious meeting and that: “'The mullahs asked the father to forgive Nawroz and to take some of his family's land and women in compensation. But the father refused, so the mullahs ordered an execution.”

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