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It's kinda like the paper shredder in your home... except it does it with refrigerators

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ShredderTHE world's most powerful industrial shredder, which eats domestic appliances for breakfast, has built up a 2 million strong fanclub.

The 15 foot high, 800 HP, machine – dubbed The Monster – was built by SSI who specialise in 'industrial size reduction'.

Their slogan is simply 'What Needs Shredding?'

Now their machines have built up a sort of 'static monster truck' type fascination and the firm videos a shred of the month which gets posted on YouTube. They count their views in 10s of millions.

A spokesman said: "We can even Shred Torpedos. Since 1980, SSI Shredding Systems has extended the limits of shredding applications. SSI has designed, built and supported unique shredding solutions all over the world. We thrive on a culture of innovation and are motivated by one recurring question: What Needs Shredding?"

Watch a refrigerator meet its doom here...

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