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Child's Thomas the Tank Engine crash movie 'more successful that $80 million Yogi Bear blockbuster'

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Thomas-230A HOMEMADE Thomas the Tank Engine movie made for pennies by a father and his six year old son has become almost as successful as big budget Hollywood animation Yogi Bear.

About 30 million people have watched the three minute camcorder classic made in a front room in Israel, not far short of the cinema audience for the 2010 movie Yogi Bear, which cost $80 million to make.

The YouTube hit is called Thomas The Tank Engine - Accidents Can Happen and is credited only to 'Assaf and Dad'.

It shows toy versions of Thomas, and his friends James, Henry, Gordon, Ben, Spencer, and Diesel 10 involved in a series of crashes.

And the mini-movie, which has been copied and reposted many times gaining millions more clicks, has become a huge hit with fans of the little steam engine and his pals.

The film has even spawned a host of copycat short movies, but none with the clout of the original. It has even been translated into different languages from Spain to China.

The brains behind the production 'Assaf and Dad' have so far remained in the background – and it seems they have not monetised their YouTube page.

But a statement left by 'Dad' says: “Accidents can happen on the Island of Sodor. Watch your favorite tank engines: James, Henry, Thomas, Gordon, Ben, Spencer, Diesel 10 and their adventures - all in our second movie. And... There is a surprise at the end.”

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