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Suicide by trucker? Horror footage of Swedish twin sisters running in front of speeding 18-wheeler

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suicide-by-truckTWO Swedish sisters spotted walking down the centre of a British motorway ran into the path of a speeding lorry rather than be arrested.

Officers approached Ursula and Sabina Eriksson as they walked along the central reservation of the M6, in Staffordshire, where traffic reaches speeds in excess of 90mph.

The 44-year-olds from Sunne, Värmland, in western Sweden attempted to evade capture but were shepherded to the hard shoulder of the carriageway and spoken to by police.

Without warning, Ursula ran into the side of an oncoming 40-tonne truck travelling at around 60–70 mph.

Sabina then followed her into the road and was hit by a Volkswagen Polo travelling at high speed.

Both survived but Ursula was lucky not to be killed instantly.

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 Instead, she was immobilised as the lorry had crushed her legs.

Sabina spent fifteen minutes unconscious.  

The pair were treated by the paramedics, however both women resisted medical aid, fighting and screaming at the paramedics and police officers.

Sabina shouted: “They're going to steal your organs” and “I recognise you – I know you're not real.”  

Sabina got to her feet, whereupon a policewoman attempted to persuade her to stay on the ground and receive further medical attention.

Sabina instead struck the officer and crossed the central reservation again, running into traffic on the other side of the motorway.

Emergency workers and several members of the public caught up with her, restrained her and carried her to a waiting ambulance, at which point she was sedated.

Ursula was also taken to hospital where she stayed for weeks.

The whole incident was caught by a small film crew making TV show Motorway Cops.


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