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Meet Renee Toney - the world's biggest female bodybuilder whose biceps are bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger when he won the Mr Olympia

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Renee-ToneyGET a load of the biggest biceps ever flexed by a female bodybuilder – the massively muscular arms of muscle-woman Renee Toney.

More than 10 years of pumping ultra heavy barbells and dumb bells helped the Brazilian Amazon build her arms up to 21.25 INCHES!

That's a quarter of an inch more than Arnold Schwarzenegger at his Mr Olympia biggest!

At the height of his bodybuilding fame Arnie's guns measured 21” - and were considered massive at the time.

But at the Arnold Classic bodybuilding Expo in 2006 Renee's flexed left bicep was taped at 20.25 inches cold – that is 'unpumped'. But she says a hard session in the gym lifting weights and pumping up adds another inch to her arms.

Her right bicep is just a quarter inch smaller at 20” cold.

Standing 5ft 8ins and weighing a massive 230lbs Renee was the biggest competitive female bodybuilder in the world.

She says: “I always admired big arms as a symbol of strength.

“I wanted to challenge myself as a teenager and prove to the world that women can get the elite "20 inch guns" so I started pumping the iron.

“It took heavy-ass weight and eating clean coupled with nearly 10 years training but I finally gained the 20 inch "guns" which were measured at the Arnold Classic so the world could see it can be done.”

She added that she had packed on three inches of solid muscle to her arms in just three years.

Her bodybuilding successes include:

1998 NPC Palm Springs Muscle Classic - 2nd

 2002 World Physique Federation Pro Ms. Olympia Cup II - Champion

 2004 World Physique Federation Pro Ms. Universe - Champion

 2005 NABBA Ms. World - 6th

She retired from competitive bodybuilding in 2008 but continues to pump iron and her arms still tape 20”.



rene_mpeg1video by zaawa

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