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Female Bodybuilder Tamara Makar appears on Alan Titchmarsh Show

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Tamara-TitchmarshFEMALE bodybuilder and reigning NAC Ms World Tamara Makar brought female bodybuilding to daytime TV when she flexed her biceps on ITV1's Alan Titchmarsh Show.

Teenage Ms Olympias – the big, buff, beautiful female bodybuilders just 16-years-old

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mel-bodybuilderMEL has the thick, muscled biceps of a seasoned female bodybuilder.

Find out how many Starbucks Caffe Lattes can kill you

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starbucksEVER wondered just how many cans of Diet Pepsi it would take to kill? How about full-strength Coke? Red Bull?

Women can discover their date's sex drive from his finger length, scientists say

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mans-handsWOMEN can discover just how sexually driven their date is just by looking at his hands.

How muscular is too muscular? Is this unreal female muscle too much for female bodybuilding?

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Cathy-Lefrancois-230AS the powers that be in female bodybuilding attempt to restrict female muscularity it seems the women actualy doing the bodybuilding are getting more and more muscular.

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