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Bikini clad pregnant mothers-to-be on parade in expectant moms beauty contest

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pregant-mumsPREGNANT mothers-to-be have turned the tables on the super-slim models girls who usually parade the catwalks by holding a beauty pageant of their own.

How to discover your man's sex drive by looking at his hands

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mans-handsWOMEN can discover just how sexually driven their date is just by looking at his hands.

Video: Is Lady Gaga beautiful or ugly? Gaga's shocking nude (and make-up free) new video sparks fierce online battles

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lady-gaga-nudeA NAKED Lady Gaga may not be so shocking – but a natural, normal, make-up free Lady gaga?

The Newspuppy returns to the helm of!

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the-newspuppyWOWNEWS.CO.UK is back up and running today after the Newspuppy's month long fact-finding mission up and down the eastern seaboard of the USA.

She's the most beautiful woman in the world – but you've probably never heard of her!

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beautiful-womanTYPE 'world's most beautiful woman' into Google and who would you expect to pop-up? Angelina Jolie? Jessica Alba? Megan Fox?

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