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Marco Tempest's amazing online magic trick

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internet-magicA HI-TECH magician is taking the industry by storm using iPhones as the basis of his amazing act.


MARCO TEMPEST, a Swiss-born magician based in New York city, made a name for himself as a young performer by incporporating technology into his act.

But the iPhone and the internt has given the 46-year-old a new canvas to work on and a new army of fans.

In this video he not only performs mind-bogling magic but waxes philosophical about the nature of the truth.

He said: “The magician’s role is to be the one who makes dreams real first, before technology can get there, to be always out there exploring new frontiers, one step ahead of the rest.

“It’s hard to tell if he’s on a fool’s journey…or that of a true hero. Perhaps it’s a bit of both.”

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