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Teenage Lady Gaga exposes more than ever before in sizzling 'forgotten' pics

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Lady-Gaga-bottom-pantsON a tiny stage in front of a tiny disinterested crowd a young Lady Gaga gyrates in lingerie, pants and home-made bondage gear.


Lady Gaga's ambition as naked as her breasts which she knowingly displays while leaning teasingly over her keyboard to expose acres of cleavage.

This was Lady Gaga playing an afternoon set on a side-stage at Lollapalooza in Chicago's Grant Park.

Gaga, then 19, was a brunette and shared the stage with her partner, DJ Lady Starlight for a 45-minute set of synth-driven dance-pop, including the songs "Boys Boys Boys," "Dirty Ice Cream" and "Disco Heaven."

Even then she was spectacularly aware of how sex sells music – and her own indisputable talent in that department.

She wore barely-there home-made costumes and set the Kork keyboard just low enough to expose her breasts when she leaned over.

The show went largely unreported but Jake Malooley, now an editor at Time Out Chicago, wrote a short review.

He said: “I wouldn't say she was terrible, it just didn't seem like a Lollapalooza-worthy performance.

“She was doing this dance-pop sort of thing where she had a DJ, and she would poke a keyboard every now and then. ... It didn't seem very well put together, more about the spectacle than the music itself -- dancing and being silly.

“She didn't seem to know how to play her synthesizer. She had to stop a song and get the engineer to show her how to program a certain sound.”

His actual review contained the lines 'No one's going to accuse Gaga of being a musician, and I think she's aware of that. 'In my day job, I'm a go-go dancer,' she said jokingly.

' Well, at least I thought it was a joke until midway through the next song she shimmied over to stage left, wrapped her legs around the scaffolding and began twirling while giving the metal pole a few aggressive pelvic thrusts. Very ladylike, indeed.'

That was then.

Lady Gaga has now sold 17 million studio albums and 71 million singles.

According to Forbes Magazine her earnings for the last two years are $151 million.

Not bad for a non-muscial go-go dancer!

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