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Thai Government backs 'boob slapping' breast enhancement program

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boob-enhanceA BIZARRE technique to boost women's bra size by slapping their boobs around has received the endorsement of the government of Thailand.


The all natural boob-job therapy, which it is claimed can boost a woman's cleavage by several cup sizes, involves painful slapping, kneading, massaging and pummelling of the breasts.

Leading expert Khunying Tobnom says she learnt the unlikely technique from her grandmother, who intervened after seeing the flat-breasted teenager attempting to boost her bra-size with creams.

She claims it works by shifting fat towards the breasts – and her claims have now received the seal of approval of the Thai government.

A study by the Thai Health Ministry ministry found vigorous massage left volunteers' breasts measurably bigger.

The Ministry even sponsored a programme that saw women learning to slap their own breasts to enhance their size as an alternative to surgery.

Khunying Tobnom, 44, says that clients can expect to gain a couple of inches, post-slap.

She said: “If your breasts are 30 inches, for example, we will record that with your signature.

“After treatment, your breasts will be enlarged to 32 inches. We will record and you have to sign again.”

Tobnom, who works in Bangkok also specialises in buttock-slapping, to firm the rear, and face-slapping.

But she adds: “Sometimes we have to refuse treatment because some breasts are too small to be enlarged.”

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