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Now THIS is female bodybuilding! Shock video of Laura Binetti, 'the biggest and most ripped female bodybuilder of all time'

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Laura-Binetti-230THIS is Laura Binetti, generally accepted as the biggest and most ripped female bodybuilder of all time – a girl so built she makes Jodie Marsh look like a pipe-cleaner.

Laura, 45, was born in Canada, but now lives and works running a fitness business 'Body By Binetti' in Omaha, USA.

While this week there has been much media coverage of whether ex-topless model turned bodybuilder Jodie Marsh is 'too muscular for a woman' Laura had no such concerns to hold her back when she fell I love with pumping iron in the 1980's.

She said her only goal was to get as impossibly muscular as possible and added: “Becoming a bigger better athlete was my goal every year.”

Laura was always athletic but started out as a 110lb long distance runner.

She started to weight train in 1986 to help gain strength and endurance for running but developed a passion for pumping iron and the results it gave her.

She started competing the same year and won TWO titles.

By the early 1990s the skinny teenage runner's frame was gone – as she built herself up into a 180lb musclewoman with spectacular 18” biceps.

Many fans of female bodybuilding say her physique was so extreme that it redefined the entire sport.

Laura said: “ I was always known for my muscularity and being ripped on stage. My best feature has always been my biceps.

Laura's transformation from 1988 to 1993 'my biceps are my best feature'



“I have been retired from competition since 2000. At my peak physique I received mixed reactions. At one point in 1994-95 I was considered one of the top 5 most muscular women in the world. Becoming a bigger better athlete was my goal every year.”

Of course her shocking physique and determination to become the world's most muscular women garnered her share of detractors.

But she said: “I don't weight train to become masculine, I weight train because I enjoy weigh training, because it's healthy for me, and it changes the shape of my body.”

She went on to achieve huge success in bodybuilding and her accomplishments include:

Canada's highest ranked female bodybuilder

Highest World Ranking (6th)

Winner of the 1999 Women's Pro World Championships

Winner of the 1996 European Grand Prix Bodybuilding Championships

Winner of the 1994 Canada Pro Cup Bodybuilding Championship

Five time Arnold Classic Competitor

Five time Ms. Olympia Competitor

Invited guest performer at amateur competitions

Laura, is also the author of "Back to the Basics, Total Weight Training Program Guide" and DVD.

She runs a website at

Laura Binetti on Dutch TV by Raziel131313

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