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Bodybuilding babes sexier than their less muscular counterparts - survey

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fbbBODYBUILDING babes are hotter than their less muscular counterparts according to a new survey.

The shock poll turns received wisdom that women need to be soft to be attractive on its head.

Almost 57 percent of voters in the survey for agreed that female bodybuilders were sexy – even adding 'the bigger the better'.

A further 20 percent – one in five – said they liked the look of female bodybuilders 'provided they didn't go too far.'

Just under a quarter responded to the pumped-up look in the negative saying 'no, they look like guys.'

The survey was carried out for over a two week period following the news that UK topless model Jodie Marsh had taken part in a bodybuilding competiton.

She said of her achievement: “I feel proud when I look in the mirror. I still can’t believe it’s my body. Like, when I look at my abs, I’m just like, f****** hell, I love it so much! I’m the prettiest I’ve ever looked.   “It has totally changed my life, doing this. My self-esteem is higher, my confidence is higher, I feel more secure, feel powerful – I almost feel invincible.”

Then: Marilyn



Now: Nora Girones


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