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Video: The unbelievable biceps of bodybuilder Sarah Hayes

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Sarah-HayesBODYBUILDERS refer to biceps as 'guns' – and if that's the case then Sarah Hayes is packing fully loaded Howitzers up her sleeves.

The 34-year-old personal trainer, from Dallas stands a very average 5ft 5ins tall.

But that's where average ends and incredible begins, because Sarah has managed to pack an unreal amount of muscle onto her frame.

Off-season, when bodybuilders try to gain as much muscle mass as possible, she weighs almost 180lbs – and after an extreme diet she steps on stage at 165lbs of pure muscle!

As the video below shows her remarkable 18” biceps count among the biggest in the sport of female bodybuilding, and are certainly among the most muscular women's arms of all time!

Sarah started out as a fitness competitor in 2007 – but as the muscles grew it soon became clear she was a 100% female bodybuilder.

She said: “I am a very feminine "girly girl", and wanted to maintain my femininity, thinking if I was to bodybuild and get bigger, that I might lose that. I was clueless!

“So, I adjusted my weight training, it was minimal on my upper body and mainly focused on my legs; shaping my quads with mostly jumping workouts and a few lifts, and a lot of low intensity cardio.”

She came 4th in her first show and she tells how one fan told her 'you must have checked the wrong box in your entry form because you're a female bodybuilder!'

Sarah eventually embraced the obvious.

She says: “I realized I could maintain my femininity and be a female bodybuilder and do fitness modelling!

“I enjoy the challenge of changing and shaping my body. Bodybuilding is an art to me.

“I also enjoy the challenge it brings to all levels in my life, the physical, mental, emotional and  spiritual challenges.

“I often get stared at when I'm out in public, especially when I'm dressed in sports wear or dressy clothes that are fitted.

“But I get a lot of support from the public, which means a lot to me because I always want to inspire others and set and be an example of health and fitness.”

Sarah's website is at

sarah4_mpeg1video by zaawa



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