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Video: As if bodybuilder Christa Bauch's 16” biceps weren't big enough – now they're even bigger

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Christa-Bauch-230FANS of female bodybuilding have taken to 'video morphing' their favourite women bodybuilders so that their muscles seem to reach incredible proportions.

Computer whizzes take an already hugely muscular female bodybuilder, such as German Christa Bauch pictured, and use video software to make them appear even bigger.

Mother of three Christa, from Ulm, who has 14 bodybuilding competitions under her belt, is just 5ft 4ins tall but boasts 16” biceps with an incredible peak – much sought after by bodybuilders.

But after a little computer trickery those guns look closer to an Arnold Schwarzenegger sized 21”!

One exponent of the video enhancing art, who did not want to be named, said: “I guess it's just fun really, but also a sort of tribute to the girls.

Boom! The enhanced biceps



“It's not difficult to do, and it gives you a glimpse of just how far female bodybuilding could go, if it wasn't being reined-in by the powers that be.

“The officials behind the big competitions are marking the bigger girls down, forcing them to become less muscular. But the fans don't want less muscle they want more muscle – otherwise why call it bodybuilding.”

Check out the video of 'enhanced' Christa below, then click HERE for the original footage.

baucharm_mpeg1video by zaawa

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