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Female bodybuilder Kizzy Baines topless in movie about women's muscle

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kizzy-bainesBRITISH female bodybuilder Kizzy Baines has starred semi-nude in a arty short movie about women's muscle.

The 27-year-old from Barnsley in Yorkshire, who competed in the Fitness category at the 2011 Olympia competiton, wears a see-through leotard as she grunts her way through a workout.

The blonde ex tap dancer is photographed beautifully by film-maker Elisha Smith-Leverock in the movie called 'I Want Muscle' – which picked up an online movie award.   During the film Kizzy says: “I feel a lot different to most women, stronger, leaner, yeah it does make me feel a little superior.

“Everything stays still when you walk, nothing jiggles, it's nice. I like my triceps, boys like my bum, I feel very strong!"

Smith-Leverock adds: “I want Muscle' is a film that plays with taboos and gender stereotypes. It aims to explore a different kind of female beauty. It provides a glimpse into the world of Kizzy Vaines, a female bodybuilder. She is the only British competitor for the Olympia Fitness title in Las Vegas.   “The visual aesthetic and soundtrack of the film are reminiscent of the glamour of the late 70s and early 80s, the golden age of female bodybuilding. It pays homage to the pioneering goddesses of the sport like Lisa Lyon and Rachel Mclish.   “I wanted to shoot a muscle worship film but taken out of a fetish context. The idea was to break with traditional ideas of femininity in fashion and play with imagery that is conventionally perceived as glamourous, sexy, soft and feminine to then juxtaposed with displays of pure strength and shots of the gruelling pain and discipline that is involved in achieving this type of physique.”

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