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Wives furious as bikini-clad coffee bar owner in quiet Italian town becomes magnet for husbands

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coffee-bar-230ANGRY wives in a quiet Italian town have complained to the authorities over a coffee bar run by a beautiful scantily clad beauty which has become a magnet for their husbands.

Laura Maggi opened the unassuming coffee shop eight years ago  in the small northern Italian town of Bagnolo Mella but noticed her takings going through the roof when she started turning up for work in highly revealing outfits.

Police and the local council were even drafted in as hundreds of men beat a path to her door, double-parking in the streets and causing traffic chaos.

The lady mayor of Bagnolo Mella announced she was considering an emergency bylaw to limit traffic in the area.

Now the furious wives of Bagnolo Mella have banned their men from visiting Cafe

Sexy Laura, 34, has become an international celebrity.


She said: “If the guys come here what can I do? I know I have upset the women but that’s not my problem.

“It’s not my fault if guys want to come and have a drink in my bar.”

Several wives from the town have been on TV to complain. One said: “It is outrageous and should not be allowed.

“This town is quiet and respectable. Now we are known across the whole country because of the little amount of clothing this barmaid is wearing to serve drinks.

“The women in town are not very happy and we have complained to the council.”


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