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How muscular is too muscular? Is this unreal female muscle too much for female bodybuilding?

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Cathy-Lefrancois-230AS the powers that be in female bodybuilding attempt to restrict female muscularity it seems the women actualy doing the bodybuilding are getting more and more muscular.

Despite attempts to restrict competitions judged on sheer muscle size and freakish definition by encouraging more 'feminine' physique classes, world class female bodybuilders like Cathy Lefrancois continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in female bodybuilding.

This new photo shows her rock hard, ripped to the bone and with unbelievably striated glutes – that's her butt in normal parlance!

Those trying to soften the sport will no doubt be appalled, but fans of female muscle may take a different view altogether.

Cathy Lefrancois

What do you think?


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